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FACTS and brief background check on Karabakh conflict

It has been more than 25 years that Azerbaijan’s historical territory - Nagorno Karabakh is under the brutal occupation by the Armenian Armed Forces. As soon as the USSR collapsed, Armenia immediately started its occupational plan to capture the lands that were legally within the boundaries of The Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (Confirmation of Versailles Peace Conference 1918 – 1920), SSR of Azerbaijan (1929 – 1992) and the Republic of Azerbaijan (1992 – now).
Azerbaijan, her territory Karabakh and Armenia are located in Southern Caucasus, which is thesoutheasternedge of Eastern Europe and geographical border between continental Europe and the Middle East. Karabakh issue is classified as a frozen conflict in Europe by European Commission and Union. The United Nations haveACCEPTED 4RESOLUTIONSalongside other international organisations’ resolutions, that both Azerbaijan and Armenia are current members of,about the occupation ofNagornoKarabakhby ArmenianArmedForces.These resolution…