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FACTS and brief background check on Karabakh conflict

It has been more than 25 years that Azerbaijan’s historical territory - Nagorno Karabakh is under the brutal occupation by the Armenian Armed Forces. As soon as the USSR collapsed, Armenia immediately started its occupational plan to capture the lands that were legally within the boundaries of The Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (Confirmation of Versailles Peace Conference 1918 – 1920), SSR of Azerbaijan (1929 – 1992) and the Republic of Azerbaijan (1992 – now).

Azerbaijan, her territory Karabakh and Armenia are located in Southern Caucasus, which is the southeastern edge of Eastern Europe and geographical border between continental Europe and the Middle East. Karabakh issue is classified as a frozen conflict in Europe by European Commission and Union.
The United Nations have ACCEPTED 4 RESOLUTIONS alongside other international organisations’ resolutions, that both Azerbaijan and Armenia are current members of, about the occupation of Nagorno Karabakh by Armenian Armed Forces. These resolutions recognised the factor of invasion by Armenian and required Armenian Armed Forces to vacate Nagorno Karabakh and its surrounding regions immediately. Armenia never followed and abided by the Resolutions of the United Nations Security Council!
The occupation is still ongoing!
All international organisations, laws and regulations (including the UN, European Commission and many others) officially recognise and accept Karabakh as an inseparable part of the Republic of Azerbaijan! No any member of the UN recognises so called Nagorno Karabakh Republic as an independent state. Armenia has been condemned by all recognised international organisations for its ongoing occupation.
On April 1, 2016, Armenian Military Forces, as always used to, violated The Ceasefire of 1994 (initiated by former Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev between Azerbaijan and Armenia). As a result, a significant number of people died from both sides. Armenian Ministry of Defence recently has admitted that Azerbaijani Military Forces have liberated 8 positions in Nagorno Karabakh, causing a lot of loss of military equipment and forces in Armenian side.
Crucial statistical data on Military Power Comparioson between Armenia and Azerbaijan:
Azerbaijan’s Annual Defence Budget ($ 1,318 billion) is at least 14 times more than of Armenia’s Defence Budget ($225 million). Azerbaijan’s manpower (5 million) exceeds Armenia’s one almost by triple (1,7 million).
Armenia claims that Karabakh was dominantly inhabited by ethnic Armenians, however, Soviet time demographic records demonstrated the opposite: there were around 1 million ethnic Azerbaijani-Turkish residents, which constituted for almost three fourth of entire population of Karabakh.
After Armenia’s occupation, 1 million Azerbaijanis were forced to leave Karabakh, hence becoming refugees (OR Internally Displaced People). In some towns massive massacres (Khojaly Genocide) were systematically executed by Armenian military forces across Karabakh, slaughtering hundreds of peacefully countering Azerbaijani people. Almost all of the killed were absolutely armless civilians!
Statistic data proves that there are approximately 30,000 ethnic Armenians still live in modern day Azerbaijan (3000 in Baku – the capital city of Azerbaijan) with their Armenian names and surnames and Azerbaijani passports, side by side with all other nationalities. I can personally can confirm that – in the street that I used to live in Baku, I know at least 2 Armenian neighbours of ours, with whom everyone gets along remarkably! These Armenians REFUSED to leave Azerbaijan and go back to Armenia even after the First Karabakh War (1989-1994).
According to the UNITED NATIONS, Azerbaijan is one of the WORLD’S 5 MOST TOLERANT COUNTRIES!
SOURCES (you can find many similar articles on media that is published all over the world):
  1. Foreign Policy News - 5 Most Tolerant Nations in the World
  1. Time Magazine: Azerbaijan is an Oasis of Tolerance in the Middle East -
On the other hand, Armenia is one of the world’s most homogenous countries. It was actually the only homogenous country in entire Soviet Union in regards to ethnicities, religions and races. The reason for that is very obvious!

My family is one of these people! I have never seen the town (Lachin - where more than 95% of population was ethnic Azerbaijanis), that I was born in, because of Armenian aggression!
Despite the severe war that occurred at the end of the XX century, Azerbaijan now experiences an economic boom thanks to its natural resources and geographically strategic location between Europe and the Middle East, Black and Caspian sea. Thanks to Azerbaijan’s rapid economic growth, the other Caucasian country Georgia also enjoys economic rejuvenation. Armenia is the only country that has isolated itself from all of these massive economic projects, which can change its extremely poor social-economic situation. Although Armenia always demonstrates its interest in collaboration within the framework of these projects, due to its current occupational approach in Karabakh its participation is not approved by other Caucasian and neighbouring countries.
Republic of Armenia also very humorously calls for the Referendum in Karabakh in order to enable residents of Karabakh to decide whether they want to territorially join Azerbaijan, Armenia or be a sovereign country. Azerbaijan does not reject this option! But how is Armenia going to hold a Referendum if all ethnic Azerbaijanis, who used to live there, are not allowed to return to Karabakh and vote? A referendum without those people absolutely does not make any sense and it is not credible, it is not legal, it is not nothing! It cannot be held, unless more than 1 million refugees are allowed to return to their lands and vote as well as with those Armenians currently illegally residing in Karabakh.
Armenia demonstrated its xenophobia, racism and total discrimination once again when the country officially declared that they can receive Syrian refugees ONLY of Armenian ethnicity! This is an utter FIASCO! Armenia agreed to intake only those Syrian refugees, who are Armenian and Christian – NO OTHERS ARE WELCOME!
However the story does not finish there! Those Syrians with Armenian heritage were settled in internationally unrecognised territory – Nagorno Karabakh! These unfortunate refugees later spoke out and said that life conditions in Nagorno Karabakh, which is currently de-facto under Armenian control, are even WORSE than those in war-torn Syria and they do not want to live there!
Azerbaijan officially declares that, if Armenia peacefully withdraw from Nagorno Karabakh, all Armenians living there will be issued an Azerbaijani citizenship. It is also worth to mention the fact that Azerbaijan offers the highest life standards in entire Caucasia (Caucasus) and it is one of the most successful countries in terms of economic, social and sustainable development amongst post-Soviet countries.
Azerbaijan does not deny that it is heavily investing in its military forces while upskilling and advancing manpower if peaceful negotiations do not provide the desirable solution. The head of Azerbaijani government repeatedly announced that Azerbaijan is totally capable to start to commence military actions in Karabakh in order to liberate occupied territories.
International Resolutions requiring Armenia to withdraw its military forces from Nagorno Karabakh:
1) Adopted by the United Nations Security Council at its 3205th meeting (822);
2) Adopted by the Security Council at its 3259th meeting, on 29 July 1993 (853);
3) Adopted by the Security Council at its 3313th meeting, on 12 November 1993 (884);
4) Adopted by the Security Council at its 3292nd meeting, on 14 October 1993 (874);
5) Declaration On Nagorno-Karabakh Adopted by the Council Of Europe Committee of Ministers on 11 March 1992 at the 471bis meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies;
6) RESOLUTION 1047 (1994)1 on the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh adopted by the Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the CIS;
7) Resolution 1416 of PACE over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict;
8) Resolution Adopted by the Ninth Session of the Islamic Summit Conference;

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